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After Sales Service Policy

  1. At we try to do the best to help each buyer to sort out the issue without sending the product back. If the issue still persists, then the product has to be sent back to only accept the shipping fees below US$15, which will be refunded ONLY in case that the complaint is justified. Please, also email the shipping fee related receipt to our customer service executive as soon as you have shipped back the mal-functional products.
  2. will look into the product as soon as we receive the parcel. If the product issue was caused by a buyer, buyer will bare the fees related. If the product itself has the physical issue, will bare the repairing fees and shipping fees, this policy is only valid for 7 days after you receive the order.
  3. do not suggest buyer to send back the product for a repair if the product is valued under US$100, on the contrary, will offer the buyer a special coupon free of charge.
  4. The following conditions do not apply to 1 year warranty man-made issues, accessories, clearance products and the smartphones or tablets - if they are opened by the customer.

Return of the DOA (Dead on Arrival) Item:

Any products, regardless of the guarantee offered, dead on arrival (inappropriate usage excluded) within 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment if the delivery date is not traceable. (The order shipment date and order notification are provided by email).

In this case, please kindly provide us with proofs as listed below:

  • The photos of original package from both front and back side
  • The photos or video of the defective item(s)
  • The photos, video or screenshot showing the mal-function of the defective item(s)

Return of the Defective Item:

We do our best to make sure the products shipped to the customers are in the best condition possible. If some products (apply only to items without Special Warranty terms, physical damage and/or inappropriate usage token) turn out to be defective, please do the following:

Within 90 days (from the date of shipment):

Upon being returned, the defective item will be repaired free of charge if there is no need to change the components like screen, battery or the motherboard. Once there are some extra fees involved due to installing new components, these fees will be settled by the customer.
If the products get damaged (physical damages and damages caused by incorrect usage excluded) within 90 days after shipment (the order shipment date and order notification are provided by email), customer may mail the products back. Customer is responsible for the shipment.

Note for returns:

Return the item(s) using ordinary mail (the cheapest way-post service) with tracking number at the nearest Post Office or EMS; If the mail service with tracking number is too expensive, you may choose the one without tracking service but please, make sure to keep the receipt. PLEASE DO fill in 30USD for the value of the returning items. We will process everything for you after receiving the screen shot of your receipt.

After returning the defective product(s), please kindly provide us with proofs as listed below:

  • Photos of the front and the back side of the packaging envelope or box
  • Partial shipment slips (if applicable)
  • Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the defective item
  • Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the defect or defective area

All customers should contact our Customer Service department before returning any item(s)/product(s).

Return of the Incorrect Item Received:

  1. If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, please contact our Customer Service and provide us with some proof (photo, video, etc.). If the replacement is necessary, shipping and other replacement-related cost reimbursement will be issued to you based on the receipt. Please be sure that the item(s) you wish to return is(are) in the original box and the merchandise (and accessories) is in the same condition as when delivered.
  2. In case you are willing to keep the incorrect item(s), some discount/voucher may be issued. Please, contact us for further information.

After receiving the incorrect product(s), please kindly provide us with proofs as listed below:

  1. The photos or video of the incorrect item(s)
  2. The photos, video or screen shot showing the mal-function of the defective item(s)

Because the batches of the product(s) supplied vary, the item logo or packaging of the product(s) you received may be different from the one displayed on our website. If all the functions and/or appearance of the product(s) are in line with the description, please, understand that the above-metioned policy is not applicable.

Return of the Product

It is not possible to return the product(s) if there is not any physical or other damage upon delivery.

Returning address: 

Privacy Policy of values the privacy of our customers/visitors, and will therefore only use the personal information to process the orders and notify our customers about details regarding special offers.

We do NOT sell our mailing lists to other companies, nor divulge any of your personal details to other institutions/individuals. Payment processing takes place via a secured servers provided partners of

What information do we collect

We at realize that it is very important for you to know what information we collect when you make an purchase on our site. We use various methods for collecting information. We collect personal information that is provided by website users/customers. Personal information includes the name, address, telephone number, credit or debit card information, e-mail address, IP address and other details, which are necessary for the successful order processing.

Personal Information is being collected when you create an account with us, place an order on the Site, participate in a contest or an on-line survey, or when you communicate with any of our departments such as customer service, sales or technical service using the form on the Site, telephone, mail or fax.

In some cases, we may also obtain other people's names and email addresses (email-a-friend feature for instance). Then, the information collected consists of: email, name, company name, street address, postal (ZIP) code, city, country, telephone number.

Why do we collect the information

We use this information in order to fulfil the needs and wants of our customers. We need to know who you are in order to verify the credit card information.

The non-personal information that we collect from you is used in order to offer you better service and to make your experience with the Site as convenient as possible. Any information that we may inadvertently get access to, that does not serve any of the reasons stated above, is immediately removed from our system.

How is the info secured

We use the latest encryption technology, including 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure that any sensitive information that is sent to us via Internet is protected.

We employ the latest firewall protection to prevent unauthorized access into our storages. We use a rigorous hiring process to screen out a potential employees with criminal backgrounds.

All employees that we do hire have to sign a confidentiality agreement that forbids them from disclosing any information to which the employee has access, to other individuals or entities. We also have back-up servers and power supplies to guard against power outages and other unexpected events that could pose a threat to the integrity of your personal information.

Passwords are required in order to gain access to your account. Once an account has been terminated, measures are taken to remove all those inactive users from the system. When an employee is dismissed or is no longer with the company, we change the access codes that the employee used to access any customer accounts.

Account login sessions are terminated after three failed login attempts; all terminated login sessions are logged for follow-up. Passwords must contain at least six characters, one of which is non-alphanumeric. Unused customer accounts, those that have shown no activity for 6 months are deleted from our system.

Who can access the information

Only those employees that are responsible for handling your account have access to your information. Additionally, employees in our technical department may have access to your information in order to conduct routine checks on the integrity of our system and in order to perform necessary maintenance work.

In order to process your credit card, we have to consult with an out side credit card processing company. These processing companies are regulated by the banking industry and must meet certain security requirements in order to be in business. The partner companies will have access to your credit card information, billing address, name, and possibly your telephone number.

The processing company will communicate with the issuing bank of your credit card and in order to get final approval to charge your credit card for the product or services we offer you.

Can I correct or remove info from

Sure, you always have the right to do this. However, please note that to do this such as removing certain info may hinder the ability to provide the service or products you have requested. We recommend that you to contact us in advance to discuss which info you want to remove without interrupting the quality of service.

Change notice of the privacy policy

We reserve the right, as part of such a transaction, to transfer or assign the Personal Information and other basic customer information we have collected from users of the Site. However, no personal financial information, including credit card information, social security numbers or dates of birth, will never be part of the information transferred to irrelevant parties.


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